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Kiosk, Tablet & PC Protection


Lockdown browser & kiosk software for safeguarding public access Internet-PCs, Displays and Tablets. Protects the browser (IE & Chrome) and operating system against unwanted manipulations.

Digital Signage


SiteCaster transforms any terminal into an interactive Digital Signage Display. Create and publish your digital signage content via or any SiteRemote server. Easy and flexible.

Remote Management


Remotely control, manage, and configure your terminals, displays and tablets. Digital signage and content management included.

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#RELEASE: We have just released an update of SiteKiosk Android 2.9. SiteKiosk Android version 2.9.8143 is ready to download from here, where you can also check the version historie for a detailed list of the bugfixes.
#DEVBLOG: In case you want to start an external application from your SiteCaster project, this month's developer blog article shows you how to use SiteCaster's expert mode to do this.

New Case Study: Public Information Kiosks in Fort Bend County, Texas, are not only protected by SiteKiosk, they also feature an ADA-compliant skin PROVISIO designed specifically for this application, making controls easily accessible for users in a wheelchair.

Download Case Study (PDF):
#RELEASE: New updates for SiteKiosk Windows, SiteRemote, and SiteCaster introduce a couple of new features and fix various bugs. Details and downloads:

SiteKiosk Windows 9.7.5026:
SiteCaster Digital Signage CMS 1.4.2:
#DEVBLOG: Did you know that the main elements of SiteKiosk's Chrome Browser can be rearranged with a few simple changes to its template file? This month's deverloper blog article has an example.

#DEVBLOG: In this month's developer blog article we cover the various methods SiteCaster offers to show PDF documents.

#DEVBLOG: There are many good reasons to encrypt the connection between your SiteRemote Server and your SQL Server hosting the SiteRemote database, especially if the servers are running on separate machines. This month's developer blog article shows you how this can be achieved.

#RELEASE: We have just released SiteKiosk Windows v9.7 and SiteCaster CMS 1.4.1. The update brings various bug fixes and security improvements as well as the ability to run SiteCaster as screensaver or as a section of the screen.

Download Update
#DEVBLOG: There may be situations (for example poor connection speed) when you may like or need to limit the color mode for SiteRemote's VNC session to 256 colors. In this month's developer blog article we'll show you how to limit the color mode for VNC connections.

#DEVBLOG: There are many customization options for the SiteKiosk Windows Chrome Browser Toolbar. Both by simply using the configuration tool of SiteKiosk as well as by editing files. In this month's developer blog article we are going to learn how to reposition buttons in the toolbar.

#DEVBLOG: This month's developer blog article shows you how you can access the Expert Mode of the SiteCaster Editor which allows you to change properties beyond their default value range.

#RELEASE: We have just released version 9.6.4572 of SiteKiosk Windows. This small update fixes a problem a few users ran into when using SiteCaster on a self-hosted SiteRemote server. Download link:
#RELEASE: We have just updated SiteKiosk Windows. You can find the list of changes/fixes for version 9.6.4557 Final as well as the download link on the SiteKiosk Version History & Downloads page:
#DEVBLOG: The SiteKiosk Android Object Model can be used to start any Android app available on a device from a web page. This can be used for example to create a fully individualized start page for SiteKiosk Android or to start an application after providing a password. This month's developer blog article provides step by step instruction how to achieve this.

#DEVBLOG: When using English as the language setting for the Chrome Browser of SiteKiosk Windows the time is shown in AM/PM format and the date is shown as Month/Day/Year. Our new devblog articles explains how you can change the time/date format to your liking.

#DEVBLOG: In this month's developer blog article we are showing you how you can use our kiosk management solution SiteRemote to trigger an emergency/alert message on kiosk terminals running SiteKiosk Windows.

#RELEASE: We have just released SiteCaster CMS version 1.4. Besides a bunch of fixes and general quality-of-life improvements the new version introduces new methods of incorporating media files into your projects (like sharing uploaded media files between projects), options to have your content automatically adjust the zoom levels to optimally make use of the available screen space, and the new animation feature that comes with a wide range of effects to choose from and various events to trigger them. Also, the player app on client machines will from now on only be updated when new content is deployed to the machine; this prevents potential compatibility problems when an updated player is displaying content that had only been viewed with an outdated player version.
#RELEASE: We have updated the SiteRemote installation powering to the latest version to ensure conformity with new European data protection regulations (GDPR).
#DEVBLOG: Identifiying a specific SiteKiosk Windows machine can be useful for all kinds of things, like targeting content for example. In this month's developer blog article we show you how you can identify specific machines using either native JavaScript or the SiteKiosk Object Model.

#DEVBLOG: In this month's developer blog article, we'll give you a quick rundown of the changes you need to make to your configuration to use a VNC repeater connection with your SiteRemote Server as the repeater behind a NAT gateway.

RELEASE: SiteRemote Server 6.1 Installer now available

Earlier this month we updated the servers to version 6.1. For those who run their own SiteRemote Servers the installer is now available to download.

DEVBLOG: Using the Classic SiteKiosk Object Model in SiteKiosk Windows Chrome Browser

Some features of the classic SiteKiosk Object Model are still being ported over to the SiteKiosk Object Model for the use in the Chrome Browser engine. To make things a bit easier until the transition is complete,this month's developer blog article shows how you can run the classic object model in a wrapper when using the Chrome engine.

Article: Developer Blog.
#DEVBLOG: If you are operating public PCs or Kiosk terminals chances are you might want to present your users with "Terms of Use". In this month's developer blog you'll find two different methods (full-screen and overlay) to accomplish this with SiteKiosk.